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Protect your home from the elements with our timeless casement windows. As one of the most energy efficient window choices you can make, casements offer optimal ventilation when open, and the tightest seal possible to prevent drafts and air infiltration when closed.

You’ll appreciate the unobstructed views, superior ventilation, and ease of cleaning that casement windows provide. Perfect for kitchens, or any other locations where a stretch would be required to open and close the window.

Our sleek, tuck-away handles make it easy to open the window frame to just the right angle to catch that perfect breeze.

At PVC ALUMINIUM, we manufacture all our windows.

Replacement Windows


Les fenêtres à battants sont articulées sur les côtés et s’ouvrent vers l’extérieur. Ils offrent une vue imprenable sur l’extérieur et s’ouvrent et se ferment très facilement. Les fenêtres à battants de PVC Aluminium sont une excellente option pour les endroits difficiles à atteindre, tels que ceux situés au-dessus de l’évier de la cuisine.


A – Variety of interior and exterior finishing mouldings.

B – Bow windows and variable-geometry windows are available.

C – High-quality, secure, multipoint lock system.

D – Sealed units feature integrated grids.


1 – 114 mm (4 1/2″) rigid, welded PVC frame with built-in drywall and wood return to match your type of construction.

2 – Sold multi-chamber profiles for superior comfort and outstanding insulation performance.

3– Fusion-welded frame and sash corners to ensure sturdiness and durability.

4 – Fashionable, stylized design for the perfect blend of performance, comfort and appearance.

5 – 19 mm (3/4″) and 22 mm (7/8″) double-glazing option for enhanced soundproofing and 35 mm (1 3/8″) triple-glazing option.

6 – Shutter located in the hot part of wall respecting the criteria of new construction as well as renovation.

– Triple continuous sash weatherstripping for maximum air and water tightness in a full range of weather conditions.

8 – Mullion assembly for rigidity and strength combined windows..

9 – Retractable crank opening mechanism provides serviceability with 90 ° flap opening.

10 – Interior window screen.


Product – Casement

Standard – A440

Airtightness – A3

Watertightness – B7

Wind resistance – C5

Forced Entry resistance – F2