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Our Story is about Quality & Innovation for over thirty years.

PVC Aluminium opened its doors back in 1986 with its president and CEO at the forefront, Phil Colletti. Through his hard work and determination, the company survived and later flourished due to his innovations. Now the new generation is installing itself into the PVC Aluminium family.

PVC Aluminium in 1986

This was the land before the construction began for the PVC Aluminium Factory back in 1986

Factory construction begins

Newspaper article from March 15 1986 when Philipe Colletti led the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of the new facility.

Our modern manufacturing facility is located in Mascouche .

It all started on Marconi street in Mascouche with the aluminum slider which was the standard back then,

The aluminum casement window came around but never really took off, and finally, the PVC window was introduced. This is where the innovation of Phil Colletti really propelled PVC Aluminium. The hybrid window is a combination of PVC casement covered in aluminum and Phil Colletti was one of the first on the scene to develop

and sell this window which is basically still the standard today. Then in 2000, the work was coming in and PVC Aluminium had to expand. Right down the road was a nice piece of land and PVC Aluminium bought it, waved goodbye to its landmark location and continued business in the industrial park of Mascouche.

PVC ALUMINIUM, manufacturing windows and doors since 1986.

PVC Aluminium family keeps growing

A Family Owned Business for over three decades

With new products comes new technology and PVC aluminium has always kept up with innovation so we can always bring our customers the absolute best products. From rotary saws to digital saws, from one head welders to four head welders to increase speed and now even CNC corner cleaning machione to increase accuracy we have the very best machines to serve our clients. And with more innovation comes more expansion, which is why in 2014 PVC Aluminium launched a new branch to its family tree. Eco Fibre windows which produce windows made fully from fiberglass.

PVC has been operating for 33 years now completely on referrals and word of mouth. Excellent service, a great product and commitment to delivery times and schedules is what stakes our great reputation in the window world. The expansions may still be happening but PVC remains a small family business. No client will ever go through an order process from measurement to installation without directly speaking to someone with the family name, Colletti